Admob whatsapp group links |Join Active group links of 2020

Admob Whatsapp group links

Admob whatsapp group links

Admob Whatsapp group links are important for some users who use AdSense or Admob account which is an advertising account of google. And also google earns 90% of the money from advertising only.

So many people who will face problems AdMob account can join these Admob WhatsApp group links for free as per your preferred category. After joining, these group links you can share issues while applying for Admob.

What is an Admob?

Admob is an application-based advertising platform of google where you can earn money from google by placing google ads in your application.

What are the problems can we face from Admob?

There are so many problems that we face from google Admob account while submitting for approval of the application with Google. Common problems in Admob are listed below and also join Admob Whatsapp group links for a solution.
  • Application rejects while submitting for approval.
  • Problem with the application/apps privacy policy and other pages.
  • Violation of Google Admob policies.

Solutions for AdMob on Whatsapp app groups 

There are above some problems faced commonly while submitting for approval. For solutions and discussions join Admob Whatsapp group links and get approval with a guarantee. And also if you got any approval from google Admob can join and share your experience with others.

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How to join the Admob Whatsapp group links?

To join the Admob Whatsapp groups click on the join button of the specified AdMob Whatsapp group links listed below on the latest Admob Whatsapp groups. Also, check the steps shown below.

Step 1:- Check the specified groups that suit you.
Step 2:- Check the links beside that.
Step 3:- Click on "Join the group now".

That's it now your in the specified group that you want to join. The next step in the group is asking questions or giving solutions to the question if you know.

How to create Admob Whatsapp group links?

To create a Whatsapp group links, first of all, you need to have a Whatsapp application. Then you need to follow the steps shown down.

Step 1:- Open Whatsapp.
Step 2:- Click on the top right corner of 3 dots.
Step 3:- Click on ''New group''.
Step 4:- Choose at least one contact.
Step 5:- On next, title your Whatsapp group.
Step 6:- Now click on tick mark.

Now you have successfully created a Whatsapp group. And don't know where to share for group members to fill in the Whatsapp group. No problem here in this site we put your links on the specified category as per your Whatsapp group. For that, you need to send your group links on Gmail or via Whatsapp number on the contact us page.

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List of AdMob Whatsapp group links

Here we are providing free group links to join and also check group rules before joining.

These are the Whatsapp group links to join and get some tips and tricks of AdMob. 

Desi49 whatsapp group links

Rules of Admob Whatsapp groups

Here user thank you for joining my Whatsapp group links. Here you can get free tips and tricks about the Admob account. And also you must follow the group rules to be in the group.

Rules are as follows

  • No spam in the group.
  • No adult promotion.
  • Don't send adult content.
  • No bad images.
  • Give respect and take respect from group members.
  • Don't use any vulgar language.
  • Only group admins can change the group settings.
If you won't follow any rules listed above will be removed permanently. Group moderators will monitor your messages. Messages which are against group rules will be removed.

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