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How to delete a WhatsApp group?

How to delete a whatsapp group

There are so many people who don't even know how to create a WhatsApp group and also how to join the WhatsApp group. If you want to know about how to create a WhatsApp group then follow the link shown. If you want to delete a WhatsApp group that you have created with your mobile number then follow the steps given below.

    Steps to delete a WhatsApp group

    Here I have provided some tips and tricks on how to delete a WhatsApp group and also some frequently asked questions of the public on the internet. Check them all below these paragraphs.

    • Open your WhatsApp group.
    • Click on group info (click on 3 dots and click group info)
    • And scroll down till the end of the group.
    • Now you can see/find the "Exit group" and now tap on the Exit group.
    • Confirm "Exit" on the popup of the WhatsApp group.
    • And click "delete group".
    • Now you will be Exit from the WhatsApp group.

    Exit/Delete the WhatsApp group in sentence form.

    Open WhatsApp application => Click on WhatsApp group => Click on ⋮ top right of the WhatsApp group => Click on Group info => Scroll down till end => Click on Exit group => Confirm Exit on popup/click exit => click on "Delete group."

    By these steps now you have deleted that WhatsApp group successfully. And also remember that deleting a WhatsApp group with few people in the group makes your admin status of that group transfers to other people without the permission of you manually.

    FAQ of WhatsApp group delete

    Can group admin delete the WhatsApp group?

    Yes, the group admin can delete the WhatsApp group.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group permanently with all member's exit?

    To delete a WhatsApp group without anyone in the WhatsApp group then follow these steps shown below.
    • Remove each member manually.
    • And exit the group.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group from mobile?

    Follow the above steps to delete a WhatsApp group from mobile.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group icon?

    To delete a WhatsApp group icon follow down steps
    • Open the WhatsApp group.
    • Click on the group title.
    • Now click on the group icon.
    • Tap edit/pencil icon on top of beside the share icon.
    • Now you can see 4 options.
    • Click on the "Remove icon".
    Now WhatsApp group icon will be removed and it will be reset to the WhatsApp default image. In this way, you can remove the WhatsApp group icon.

    How to delete WhatsApp group chat history?

    Deleting a WhatsApp group chat history is more tuff when you have a message more than 1 min. Messages in the WhatsApp group won't get deleted after some time about 1minute+. You can delete messages on your mobile but you can't delete in a group. They will remain a lifetime of the WhatsApp group.

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